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November 30, 2007
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The demon Santa Claus looked around and savored the sight.  Those jolly elves were leading him right into their village.  The silly creatures couldn’t see him for what he was.  He shook his head and laughed at their folly.

He had been tired and weak when he found their remote village.  He had come afoul of a particularly belligerent archangel.  The angel did not care for the demon’s plan to bolster his power by harvesting the souls of young innocents.  He had thought himself banished into a cold and barren realm until he stumbled across the elven village.  

It was so unexpected, one minute he was staggering up a white hill, the next he was looking down on a village.  Although, it had been a millennia since he has seen an elf, he knew instantly by the musical hum of the voices that carried up to him that this was an elven village.  As he surveyed the scene, he spotted a hunting party making its way toward him.  He had to do something and do it quickly.  

He was so very tired, he didn’t know if he had the strength to weave an illusion that would make him appear to be an elf, but he had to try.  He began the incantation softly and tried his best to hold his wavering concentration by sheer force of will.  He made his skin look like the clothes he could see the elves were wearing but he didn’t have the strength to complete the spell, as a result his demon red still showed, but as he looked as his arms and his hands he was vaguely pleased with the result.  What he didn’t realize yet was that his face was quite an interesting mix of elf and demon, giving him an almost human visage with quite a rosy completion.  He didn’t manage to change his eyes; they remained demon black.  

He strode confidently forward to greet the hunting party.  They appeared startled to see him in this barren and cold place.  The demon Santa Claus was a skilled deceiver.  He decided that this skill was his best chance at survival.

“Greetings” his voice was calm and steady “I have heard tales of noble elves residing in this cold and barren place.  As I am an elf, I knew I had to come and see for myself.”  He sincerely hoped his spell had been effective and he looked like an elf.  

The group seemed dumbfounded.  One drew a bow and arrow from his back, and stepped forward.  “I am Hulor Mithrandír.  I am the leader of this hunting party.”  He pointed the arrow straight at the demon’s chest. The demon laughed inside, you cannot kill a demon with an arrow to his heart.  Demons do not have hearts.  “What is your name and what is your business here?”  Hulor continued.

The demon thought quickly, perhaps he could use his skills to bring the elves under his thumb.  If he could get the hunting party to bring him to the safety of the village, he could unleash his powers and have an entire village of elven slaves to help him gather the souls of human children.  With the power of their innocence, he would be invincible!  

“Why, my name is Santa Claus.  I am a right jolly old elf.  I am surprised that you have never heard of me.  The humans sing praises of me far and wide.  I bring happiness to the smallest of them” he lied convincingly.

Hulor nodded his head and lowered his bow.  “We have not heard of you Santa Claus.  We elves have very few children so we honor those that care for them.  I will take you to our village where you will be warm and welcome.”  The demon Santa Claus chortled inside, his plans were unexpectedly coming together.  

As they approached the village the demon’s excitement grew.  He would enslave these elves and force them to help further his demonic plan!  They came to the edge of the village.  There was a flash of light and the Archangel Michael appeared.  Elven villagers arranged menacingly at his back.  The demon hesitated and in that moment knew all was lost.  

“I bind you Demon, I bind you to my will” boomed the voice of the Archangel.  He began to chant and the elves chanted with him.  A white glow came from the ground and surrounded them.  The demon looked around desperately but could see no way out.  The glow rose and spiraled; then settled onto the demon and locked him in place.  

“I bind you and curse you to serve those you would have harmed.  You will be a slave to the human children of this world.  You will let them sit on your lap and tell you their wishes.  Once a year, you will visit all the children and leave them gifts.  I curse you to smile and laugh.  You will keep this form you have chosen for eternity!”

The demon felt his lips form a smile and let out a “Ho, ho, ho” and died a little inside.
After much thought, I decided to write a short story for :iconsammykaye1:'s Dark Christmas contest.

The phrase "The Demon Santa Claus" came to my mind and the story flowed from there.
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techgnotic Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2010
Clever new fables reinventing the origin-stories of older traditional fables are always a delight. Especially when they invert characters like Santa Claus, rendered by a century of homogenization into a hollow cardboard commercial icon. Children’s stories are supposed to have a frightful danger at the core – a warning about the deceptions and deceits, the wolves in grannies’ clothing, that kids will encounter in later life. I think a demonic presence under the Santa façade is more in keeping with the tradition of the Brothers Grimm than what’s mythologized by xmas retailers each year. Thank you for this re-imagining.
katlienc Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2010
Thank you for taking the time to read my Dark Christmas story. Santa being a "jolly" demon was a juxtaposition that appealed to me.
MrE1967 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2008
That was great. An interesting and twisted tale that I could of envisioned seeing on Tales of the Crypt when it was on.

A fave for sure.
katlienc Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2008
I am so glad you liked it. It is always hard to find the time to read through a story, thanks for taking the time.
MrE1967 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2008
Your very welcome.
DesignsByEve Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2007
Gratz on second place! Awesome lil diddy you wrote here ;)
katlienc Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2007
Thank you :) I do like to tell a story :)
Iriesurfinchick Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2007
:) awesome tale!!!Good luck sweetheart!
(sorry it took me so long!!)
katlienc Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2007
Thanks for taking time to read it :)
Iriesurfinchick Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2007
your feature +4![link]
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